How To Reset Air Conditioner Remote Control

Right here, You can get information about How To Reset Air Conditioner Remote Control easily. There are so many situations that you may need to reset your AC remote. Whenever your remote control buttons not responding with your Air conditioner, when your AC remote control not much responding, or responding delay with air conditioner, you can first check your AC remote control by resetting the remote.

If that was the problem, then your issue will be fixed immediately and will have a sweet sleep at night.

How do I Reset my AC Remote

Reset Air Conditioner Remote Control
  • Normally resetting AC remote is done by removing the batteries inserted on my AC remote control for 5-10 minutes and then re-install the batteries.
  • The AC remote control will get reset.
  • But I have to do one more steps, which will be beneficial when I want to completely reset an AC universal remote.
  • If I am using a Universal remote control for my AC, then I can program it to my AC using remote codes.

More Tip to Reset AC remote control

  • To completely reset my AC remote control, First open the remote battery cover and remove the batteries I have installed on the remote.
  • Then wait 5 minutes.
  • After that, press all the buttons on my AC remote control 4-5 times.
  • Press one button 4-5 times and then move to another button and do this for all keys on the remote.
  • After that Installation, remote battery on it. My AC remote will get reset.

How can I Reset my remote with pressing on Reset hole in AC remotes

Some branded AC remotes like LG, Samsung etc. lack of reset buttons but instead the remote control will have a hole which is present in the bottom of the remote control.

We need a needle which is like a SIM card ejector to reset AC remote control. Insert the needle point in the hole and press, All the settings on my AC remote will get reset after press.

Why I Need to reset my AC Remotes?

So many small temporary glitches on my AC remotes will get resolved in just a simple formatting or resetting. By resetting AC remote meaning we are preparing our remote control from scratch. All those stored settings will be cleared after resetting the universal remote control.

So when you are experiencing any issue with AC remote control rather than drainage of batteries, we must reset our AC remote to fix the problem.


Hope that you found this article helpful in resetting AC remote control original remotes as well as universal Ac remotes. The simple steps of resetting remote will helps you to fix almost all small glitches on your AC remote. If you are using air conditioner, you must know how to reset the ac remotes.

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