How To Reset TP Link Extender AC1750

In this post, you can easily know about How To Reset TP Link Extender AC1750. To get access to your TP-Link AC1750, you need the IP of your device, the username and password.

You may be attempting to determine the issues with your TP-Link extender AC1750 following a host of methods. However, few issues cannot be solved because you do not make out what exactly is causing the trouble. In such circumstances, resetting it to the factory defaults would be the only possible resolution.

Reset TP extender AC1750

To reset a TP-Link extender ac1750 is a simple and easy to operate. TP-Link gives guidelines on how to reset your TP-Link extenders without any problem. There are 2 methods to reset the TP link Extender.

Method 1

If your extender comes with a reset button if your range extender comes with a reset button, you may proceed. Follow the steps here below –

  • Firstly, power on your TP-Link extender AC1750.
  • Then, locate the reset button at the rear of your device.
  • And press and hold the button for some seconds.
  • Release the button once the range extender reboots.

Now extender is reset to the factory default settings. You have to find the lights flashing and then going off. You can log in to the administrator panel using the default username and password and confirm the changes.

Method 2

This method is used for the select few range extenders from TP-Link that do not come with a reset button. However, these range extenders do have a reset option, and you will need a pin or similar object to reset your device.

The technique includes a hidden reset option. You will need to use a pin or similar sharp object to press and hold the reset switch. You can keep it for around 8 to 10 seconds. Check the lights flashing and coming back on one by one gradually.

Once all the lights are steady, and the range extender has rebooted, it will be back to the factory default settings.

You have to find the default username and password for the administrator page on your TP-Link extender on the instruction manual that come with your device. The default username and password are admin and admin, respectively. You can change it to any other value of your choice after logging in for the first time after the reset.

You have already set up and configured all the physical configurations on the device. Connect to your router and follow the following steps –

  • Firstly, launch any web browser and visit the address,
  • Then, log in to your administrator page.
  • Moreover, use the default username and password. It will be admin and admin, respectively. Check the label on your router or the instruction manual for the exact information.

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