How To Reset Xbox Series S

Right here, You can get information about How To Reset Xbox Series S easily. Resetting your Xbox Series S is a quick and easy way to delete all the personal data you have stored on the console if you are planning to sell it or give it away. A factory reset may also help resolve crashes, glitches and other issues you have when using your game system.

You can check out this step-by-step tutorial at Seeking Tech to see how you can restore your Xbox Series S to its original factory settings.

How can I Factory Reset on my Xbox Series S

Unlike the other types of resets, a factory reset removes my personal data. While this type of reset can fix a lot of problems, it’s a last resort option, as I will have to reinstall any relevant system updates and download games again. Other personal information, like achievements and cloud saves, aren’t stored on my Xbox, so they won’t be affected. Anything that is stored on my Xbox, however, will be removed.

Here’s how to factory reset my Xbox Series S:

  • First Press the Guide button, and navigate to Profile & settings > Settings.
Profile & settings
  • Next navigate to System > Console info.
Console info
  • Then, select Reset console.
  • After select RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING for a full factory reset, or RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS to return the console to factory settings without deleting things, I have downloaded. That’s it.

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