How To Reset Swann DVR

Here, you can get information about How To Reset Swann DVR easily. If you have lost or forgot the Swann DVR password, it can be easily reset by following these instructions shown here on how to reset the Swan DVR procedure.

We will use a master reset password, which technically is Swann DVR’s mac address. You can use a smartphone or a computer and simply follow the steps one by one.

Right here, we can do:

  • Find master code using the SADP tool
  • Find the code using a phone app
  • Find the code using a computer to reset password.

3 methods to reset the password for a Swann DVR

Reset Password On Swann DVR

Method 1: First, Find master code using the SADP tool

  • First, make sure the DVR cables are correctly connected.
  • Now, the DVR and the laptop/computer should be on the same network and connected to the same router.
DVR cables connection
  • We can Download the Swann’s scanning software named SADP tool (click here to download).
  • Once downloaded, install the software.
  • Run the software and find the Swann DVR Mac Address (master code) which will be used as a reset password.
  • As long as your Swann DVR is correctly connected to the same local network, the software will automatically find the DVR.
  • The software shows one DVR and all the information, you need to scroll to the right of the screen and locate the Swan DVR Mac Address under the “Mac Address” column.
Mac Address of Swann DVR
  • Then, type that code in the Swann DVR login screen, and you’re done.
  • In this example, the code is: bc51fc5f8cf8. Make sure to enter the code without the colons.
  • Finally, The DVR will reboot and after that you can create a new password.

Method 2. Now Find the code using a phone app

  • In order for this method to work, your phone needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi coming from the router where the Swann DVR is connected to.
  • The diagram below explains the connections: DVR to the router and the phone getting the internet from the Wi-Fi of the same router.
DVR connection by using phone app
  • Now all you need to do is to install an app on your smartphone to scan the network and find the Swann DVR.

Important note: Make sure your mobile is connected to the Wi-Fi. You must be 100% sure that your smartphone is connected to the local Wi-Fi and not the cellphone carrier. If you’re connected to the LTE, 4G, or 5G then you’re doing it wrong, and you won’t be able to see the Swann DVR.

Now Download the Network Analyzer app

Network Analyzer is a free app that can scan your network to find everything that is connected, including your Swann DVR. Download the app and Google Play Store or Apple App Store and have it installed in your phone.

Download the Network Analyzer app

Note: If you’re using an iPhone, the app may not show the mac address. So, try to use an Android phone.

  • First click Scan and the app will scan your local network and list all the found devices.
  • Locate the one that says “Swann” somewhere and note the mac address (which will be used as a reset code).
  • This mac address is the reset code that you will use to access your Swann DVR.
  • Go to your recorder and type the code without colons.
  • Once the reset password has gone through, the DVR will reboot.
  • After that, you can create a new password.

Method 3. Finally, Find the code using a computer

In this case, we will find the mac address using your computer or laptop. As in the other methods, the DVR and computer must be connected to the same network.

  • Go to your Search box on computer and type cmd.
Reset password for Swann DVR
  • We will see something as the image below. This is the Windows Command Prompt. You can use it to send retrieve certain information from the devices on your network.
  • Now type this command: arp -an end, hit enter. We will see a bunch of numbers, look up for the one that starts with bc-51.
Reset password for Swann DVR
  • Then, type the Swann DVR mac address in the DVR login screen and then click the OK button.
  • Make sure to enter the code without the colons.
  • The DVR will reboot, and you should be able to create a new password. That’s it.

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