How To Reset Wireless Router Properly

In this post, you can easily know about How To Reset Wireless Router Properly. It may seem simple, but one of the easiest ways to fix a wide variety of technical issues is to simply restart the device.

Whether it’s your computer, your router, or your modem, a good ol’ fashioned reboot can solve more problems than you might realize.

Restart? Reboot? Reset?

The terminology can get kind of tricky. People tend to use the phrases “restart,” “reboot,” and “reset” interchangeably, but these phrases can mean very different things.

Restart” and “reboot” mean the same thing: to turn a device off, then immediately back on. Most computers have a “restart” button somewhere on them, but if it’s called “reboot” instead, no worries. It’s all the same.

The real problem can come when you start using the word “reset.”

In the case of your home router or modem, “reset” is usually a pinhole button on the back that completely wipes out all the settings and sets you back to square one. Generally, this isn’t what you want to do. Resetting your modem and/or router should be a last resort.

Pressing the “reset” button can remove the password from your Wi-Fi, rename your network, or even take you offline completely.

Do not reset your router using the reset button

Instead, this is how to reboot your wireless router

  • Unplug your router or modem from its power outlet (don’t just turn it off).
  • Wait 15-20 seconds, then plug it back in.
Reset Wireless Router
  • Allow the device a minute or two to turn back on.

It may seem simple, but doing this can solve many connection problems without the inconvenience that comes with resetting your modem or router.

There are, of course, sometimes when you’d want to reset your router or modem and start back at square one For most people in most cases, simply power cycling the device will do the trick.

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