How to Use Google Find My Device

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Find My device easily helps you to remotely track, lock, and erase the data on a lost or stolen smartphone. you can also see the battery life remaining on your smartphone and the Wi-Fi network it is connected to. There are other methods to track a lost Android smartphone, however, Find My device is the easiest option, and it is enabled on all phones out of the box.

Google’s Find My device, previously referred to as Android device manager, helps you find lost or stolen phones and tablets.

Here we provide how to use Google Find My Device. You can also unlock and reset your Android smartphone with Google Find My Device.

Google Find My Device Options

You can only use this method if you already added Gmail account to your smartphone and having an active internet connection.

Play sound Option

The best part about finding My device is that it is without difficulty accessible. in case you want to locate your smartphone, just head to the website or log in to the service from any other smartphone. after you sign in to Find My device and find your device, you can use the Play Sound option, which plays a loud tone on your smartphone continuously at full volume for 5 minutes even if you turned the ringing off. once you find your smartphone, you can hit the power button to stop the ringing.

Secure device

There may be additionally a Lock option that lets you set a new password to unlock the smartphone. you can also display a message over the lock screen and add a button to call back your number so that anyone that comes across your smartphone can without difficulty get in touch with you.

Erase Option

if you’re sure that you’re not going to look your smartphone again, there is the nuclear option of erasing the data remotely. selecting the Erase option deletes all the data on your smartphone.

  • In this step, select the Erase device option.
  • Once more Choose the Erase all data option.
  • After that, Confirm Erase option.
  • It will wipe all your data from your smartphone.

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