How To Reboot An HP Printer Remotely

In this post, you can know about How To Reboot An HP Printer Remotely. HP printers are some of the most reliable and good quality printers available in the market.

However, technical issues may be experienced by HP printer users, especially in the outdated versions of the devices. Even the most reliable of printers will occasionally let you down, so knowing a few basic troubleshooting skills can get you out of a jam when the printer is playing up.

Steps to reboot an HP printer

Reboot HP Printer

Step 1: Open a command prompt

  • Click the start menu and type command.
  • Click the link to the command prompt to open the program.

Step 2: Create a reboot.txt file

  • Type echo.>reboot.txt (*notice that there is a period after the echo in this command) and press Enter.

Step 3: Start the FTP program

  • Type ftp and press Enter.

Step 4: Connect to the printer

Printer Command
  • Type open XXXXX (*where XXXXX is the IP address of your printer)
  • Enter the username and then press Enter. (*the default username is blank)
  • Enter the password and then press Enter. (*the default password is blank)

Step 5: Send the reboot.txt file to the printer

  • Type put reboot.txt and press Enter.

Step 6: Stop the FTP program

FTP Printer
  • Type bye and press Enter.

Step 7: Wait for that printer to reboot

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How To Install Printer Software

  • First, go to HP printer official website
  • Type in your device details and search the device for your HP printer.
  • Press download on your hp printer option that showed up.
  • Once the software download finishes, click and open HP easy start.
HP easy start
  • Click on the setup and mark the ‘accept all terms and conditions option.
  • Click on continue.
  • Next, control panel > power button light > on.
  • Press connect after clicking on your printer option and click continue.
  • The Pc will display your printer name and network SSID
  • Take a look at the network SSID to check if it is correct, and click on join.
  • If it is incorrect, manually search for the correct one in the list given and press join.
  • While this connection is being established, your PC might display that it is temporarily disconnected from the wireless network.
  • Once the connection is fully established, click authorize.
  • This will help you retrieve the password for your network; you can use this to connect to your printer.
  • Now start the installation process by following the details on the screen.
  • Select the software to install and press continue.
  • When you see the option of enable printing screens, click on ‘add printer’ to set up a print queue.
  • On the ‘add windows’ screen, choose your printer and press add.
  • Now you can test if your printer is working correctly.

The step-wise method given above to reset the HP printer is very comprehensive and easy to follow. The support team has tried and tested this method for a HP printer hard reset, and many satisfied customers have given good feedback for it.

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