How To Reset Oculus Quest 2

Right here, You can get information about How To Reset Oculus Quest 2 easily. The Oculus Quest 2 is a solid virtual reality headset with a plethora of experiences on offer inside. And with Facebook now being renamed as Meta, the possibilities will (hopefully) increase even further.

Though the headset works very well and is an enjoyable experience, if you’re experiencing any slow-downs or errors with your Oculus Quest 2, you might be thinking of performing a factory reset.

How can I Factory Reset on my Oculus Quest 2

So if all else fails, I can factory reset the Oculus Quest 2 to bring it back to factory state. However, do remember that this move will wipe out the headset’s data including my saved files, any installed applications, and any other files on the headset. With that being said, let’s begin factory resetting the Oculus Quest 2.

Follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the headset is turned off
  • Then Press the hold the Power and either volume button until the screen lights up. I will now see Quest 2’s recovery screen.
  • I can not use my controllers here. So use the volume buttons to navigate to the Factory Reset option and press the power button to select it.
Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2
  • Now I will be met with a confirmation warning. Use the volume button to select Yes, erase and factory reset.
erase and factory reset
  • The Quest 2 will now begin the factory reset process.
  • I can monitor it with the progress bar shown. However, it doesn’t take very long, and I’ll be shown the welcome screen in a few minutes. I will now need to redo the initial process.

How do I Factory Reset on my Oculus Quest 2 Using my Phone

If I do and feel like resetting the Quest 2 from my phone itself, then follow the steps below to do so:

  • First open the Oculus app on my phone.
Oculus app
  • Now tap the Menu button from the bottom menu.
Menu button
  • Then, tap the Devices button to open a set of devices. If I only have the Quest 2 paired, I will see it immediately.
Devices button
  • After scroll down and tap Advanced Settings under Headset settings.
Advanced Settings
  • Next tap Factory Reset and then tap Reset on the confirmation message that appears.
Tap on Factory Reset
  • Now the Quest 2 will begin the factory reset process and will be done in a few minutes.

As mentioned above, all the data will be wiped, and I will need to go through the initial set up process in order to get it working. However, this should also remove any errors and free up the Quest 2 storage, so enjoy the fresh experience.

How do I Restart the Quest 2 Instead

Since performing a factory reset on the Oculus Quest 2 will remove all its data, there is another option to fix any errors. Also known as a soft reset, I can restart my Quest 2 instead. This essentially reboots the device and just might fix any glitches and remove any errors encountering. To restart my Quest 2, simply follow the steps below:

  • First, put on the headset and grab either controller.
  • Now, Press and hold the Power button on the right side of the Quest 2 for a second. The power menu will appear.
  • Next, using my controller, hover over and tap on the Restart button.
  • I will now see a restarting message.
  • The Oculus Quest 2 will now reboot and come back to the main menu in little over a minute. That’s it.

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