How To Reset Samsung Keyboard Settings

On this page, you can get information about How To Reset Samsung Keyboard Settings easily. Samsung lets you customize its keyboard in multiple ways. Often, while playing with the customization settings of the Samsung Keyboard, you might not like the look of your keyboard later.

You want to get it back to normal, and there’s no need to go through every setting. This post will help reset your Samsung Keyboard and get it back to normal.

How can I Reset my Samsung Keyboard

The best way to get my Samsung Keyboard back to normal is to reset its settings using the native feature. Doing so will completely reset all the keyboard settings, such as size, theme, mode, etc. I will have to change the required settings per my preferences after resetting it.

To reset Samsung Keyboard, follow these steps:

  • First open Settings on Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Next, go to “General management,” and tap on Samsung Keyboard settings.
General management keyboard settings
  • After scroll down and tap on “Reset to default” settings followed by “Reset keyboard settings.” Confirm when asked.
Reset to default settings
  • If I don’t find the Samsung Keyboard settings via the above steps, go to “Settings → General Management → Language and input → On-screen keyboard → Samsung Keyboard.”
  • Alternatively, open the Samsung Keyboard while using any app, then tap on the Settings icon on the keyboard to go to its settings. That’s it.

How do I Reset my Keyboard Size

  • First Open the Samsung Keyboard settings as shown above.
  • After tap on “Size and transparency.”
  • On the next screen, tap on the Reset button. That’s it.
Reset Keyboard Size

How do I Reset my Keyboard Symbols

  • The Samsung Keyboard allows changing the symbols on the keyboard and replace them with the symbols.
  • If I want to bring the original layout of symbols backs, Then, open Samsung Keyboard settings and go to Custom symbols.
  • After tap on Reset. That’s it.
Reset Keyboard Symbols

How can I Disable High Contrast Keyboard

  • If I am seeing a yellow, black, or blue keyboard, I might have enabled the high-contrast setting.
  • To disable it, go to the Samsung Keyboard settings and turn off the toggle next to “High contrast keyboard.”
Disable High Contrast Keyboard

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