How To Reset Yi Camera

Right here, you can get information about How To Reset Yi Camera easily. It’s very easy to reset the Yi camera. A hard reset will help in case you’ve lost (forgotten) the password on the camera or if you want to bring the camera to the factory default settings.

If your Yi camera is behaving erratically, losing connection, going offline or simply not performing as it should, then reset the camera to start the setup from scratch.

How can I Reset my Yi Home camera

In order to reset the camera, I need a paperclip or a toothpick to press the reset button. All the Yi cameras have a reset button, all I have to do is to find it and hold it until I hear the voice message “Reset is successful”.

Depending on various Yi models, the reset button can be located at the bottom of the camera or close to the micro SD card slot.

  • If my camera is the 1st generation:
    • Use a thin needle or pin to reset the camera.
    • The reset button is located on the upper left side of the QR code on the backside of the camera.
    • Then, hold down the reset button until the yellow light turns on.
    • The reset is successful when the yellow light is on, or I hear the voice “Reset is successful”.
  • If my camera is the 2nd generation:
    • I need to remove the back cover off my camera, and then I will see the white round reset button.
    • Now use a pin to push it until the yellow light is on, and I hear “Reset is successful”.
    • After the reset is done, I need to delete the camera from the phone app.
    • Go to the app and access the settings of the camera, tap the Delete Camera button to erase the device.

Once complete, I can start to initialize the camera and re-add it to my app.

Note: This Yi camera reset procedure works for any Yi camera such as Yi Home Camera, Yi Outdoor Camera, Kami Outdoor Camera, Yi Dome X, Yi Dash Camera, Kami Smart Security, Yi Dome Camera, Yi Action Camera.

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