How To Reset AC Thermostat

Right here, You can get information about How To Reset AC Thermostat easily. If you suspect a problem with your AC unit, resetting the thermostat should be your first course of action.

Here are the steps you need to take to reset your AC thermostat.

How can I Reset my Air Conditioner Thermostat

Reset Air Conditioner Thermostat

Here are 5 steps to Reset Air Conditioner Thermostat:

Step 1: First Shut Down my AC at the Thermostat

  • The first step in resetting my AC thermostat is to turn it off at the AC unit. Find the shut-off on the air conditioning unit and make sure the thermostat is turned to the “off” position.

Step 2: Next, find My Circuit Breaker Box

  • Locate my circuit breaker and the control for my air conditioning unit. If I have a basement, my circuit breaker box could be located there. Otherwise, check the closets and crawl spaces until I find the breaker box.

Step 3: Then Reset the Circuit Breaker for my AC Unit

  • My circuit breaker box should be labeled with the items each circuit controls, so look carefully until I find my AC unit. Flip the circuit breaker for the AC unit to the “off” position and make sure it is off.

Step 4: After wait 30 Seconds

  • It is important to wait 30 seconds before turning the circuit breaker back on. Wait half a minute, then flip the AC circuit breaker back to the “on” position.

Step 5: Finally, Turn the AC Thermostat Back On

  • Now that I have reset the thermostat on my air conditioning unit, it is time to put it to the test. Verify that the thermostat is still set to the “off” position, then carefully move it back to “on”. Turn my air conditioning unit back on, set the temperature, and wait for that cool air to return.

Final Words about Reset Air Conditioner Thermostat

Hopefully the above steps will resolve any issue you are having with your air conditioner thermostat. A good percentage of thermostat problems are caused by a tripped circuit breaker or other sudden cutoff, and the steps listed above could be enough to resolve them.

If your air conditioning unit is still not working the way it should, it is time to call for help. You do not want to be left without air conditioning when the temperatures spike into the 90s and beyond, so make an appointment to get your unit fixed before that happens.

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