How To Reset Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Right here, you can get information about How To Reset Fujitsu Air Conditioner easily. As with other air conditioner brands, your Fujitsu air conditioner may need to be reset in the event it malfunctions.

For instance, if the unit has not come back on after a recent power outage, resetting it could do the trick. Resetting the unit could also help clear some non-serious faults that make the A/C not to cool properly.

How can I Reset my Fujitsu Air Conditioner?

Reset Fujitsu Air Conditioner
  • When I press the RESET button, press it gently by using the tip of a ballpoint pen or other small object in the correct direction.
    • Never mix new and used batteries, or batteries of different types. Batteries should last about one year under normal use. If the Remote Controller’s operating range becomes appreciably reduced, replace the batteries and press the RESET button with the tip of a ballpoint pen or other small object.

Now Filter Lamp Reset

  • Some indoor unit models are equipped with a filter lamp in the indoor unit display to indicate when it is time to clean the air filters. Press the FILTER RESET button. The indoor unit’s FILTER LAMP will go out.

Then Auto-restart function

  • In the event of power interruption such as a blackout, the air conditioner stops once. But it restarts automatically and performs previous operation when the power supply is resumed.
  • If any power interruption occurs after the timer is set, the counting down of the timer will be reset. After the power supply is resumed, the TIMER indicator on the indoor unit blinks to notify that there has been a timer fault. In such a case, reset the timer for my opportune time.

Afterwards Automatic defrosting operation

  • When outdoor temperature is very low with high humidity, frost may form on the outdoor unit during the heating operation, and it could reduce the operating performance of the product.
  • For frost protection, a microcomputer-controlled automatic defrost function is equipped in this air conditioner. If frost forms, the air conditioner will temporarily stop, and the defrost circuit will operate briefly (maximum of 15 minutes.) OPERATION indicator on the indoor unit blinks during this operation.

If frost forms on the outdoor unit after the heating operation, the outdoor unit will stop automatically after it operates for a few minutes. Then the automatic defrosting operation starts.

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